Monday, March 12, 2012

Leopard Print

Hello Lovelies,
Yes I have been gone for a while.... again :( Sorry.
I have 2 jobs now and I haven't had a break in a while but I thought I could squeeze in a short post before I go to sleep :)

At the moment I am completely obsessed with leopard print!! My collection of leopard print items is growing and I find it so exciting, yes weird I know. I always go through stages of being obsessed with items of clothing or styles and buy them until I get bored of it. I think my next post will be all things leopard print!!!

Anyway thats all for tonight!!

Molly xx

Blouse: Ally                                                                                                                                                        Shorts: Thrifed
Necklace: Gift

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Essence Of Love

Hello Lovelies,

First off yet again I have to apologize for my absence, I've been so busy with work at the moment!! 

Anyway onto the good stuff!! One of my closest friends Sophie from Essence of Love has opened an Etsy store, Sophie hand makes every piece from scratch counting the patterns!! She puts massive amounts of love into her pieces and everything looks amazing. Lucky for me, Sophie asked if I could model her clothes and of course I said yes :) 
We went to a beautiful beach, we had a cute picnic and got sunburn but it was all worth it!!

Here's some of the pictures from the day

The last two pictures are of the beach, It was so beautiful and rocky. I may or may have not hit my elbow on one of those rocks and it may or may have not hurt.... alot, also excuse my facial expressions, it was super sunny and the sun somehow was always in my eyes haha :)!!

Anywhooo Check out Sophies store here

Molly xx