Friday, April 27, 2012

Leopard Print and Pleather

Hello lovelies,

I am in love with this leopard print jumper, its so soft and warm. Only thing is the sleeves are cropped, which is not good for winter, plus my arms are so lanky it looks strange :( 
Anwayyy I pretty much live in the pleather skirt, everything goes with it and it so easy to chuck on, it took me ages to find one I liked then one day on ebay I found it , just like a message from the shopping god. 

As you might have noticed in my last picture my hair is a lot darker! And I love it!! Being auburn is so much easier to buy clothes cause I can wear any colour now, yayy!!

Hopefully i'll have a new post early next week for all of you :) !!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 


Jaz xo said...

I absolutely adore your shoes! xo

Marlena said...

haha "shopping god". I LOVE that jumper, i have something similar to it and i practically live in it. also ive been searching for ages for a leather skirt, you're lucky you found one. and such a cute one at that!

Anonymous said...

your style is right up my alley. love your hair!


Maria said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I love this outfit, it's really unique and you suit animal print really well :)

xx Maria